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Cryptocurrency mining bot Digmine malware spread with Facebook Messenger

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What is Digmine Bot ?

Digmine is a CryptoCurrency mining bot it specially use victim device to mine cryptocurrency like Moneero. Its a dangerous bot it can infect so many devices at a same time. There are many mining bot available in internet but this one is different from others. You may ask me why ! Because it can infect victim device from Facebook Messenger. It not stop here it can infect by using Google Chrome browser. So you can understand how many users are suffered by this mining bot.

How Digmine Work ?

Dogmine is a dangerous bot with smart feature. This bot can bypass the facebook and google security process. Attacker send this bot with any file like (video.zip) when victim download that zip file this bot will install a fake chrome extension. Then this bot will start mining itself. Victim will not know anything how it working or how this bot harming. This bit will use the power of victim device then it will use this power to mine crypto currency like monero. 

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