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How to change voice like Anonymous

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Voice tutorial

What is Anonymous ?

Before we know how Anonymous voice work. We should know about Anonymous. We all know that in cyber world many hacker teams are available. Anonymous is one of them. Anonymous is a hacker team but its unique from other. This team have no identify no way to join. 

How to create voice like Anonymous ? 

To create voice like Anonymous we have to know how Anonymous voice sound like. This sound wave act like mechanical or robot type sound wave. So we have to make our voice pitch more harder and slower. If you don't know about audio editing don't worry. I have perfect solution for you.

Tool Name : Cepstral David Text To Voice Speech Generator

Size : 73.366 MB

Licence Key: AA-15F01A-9719E1-EC031E-4C97F2-65ACA8 

Name: www.serials.ws 

Company: www.serials.ws

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Video Tutorial 

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