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How to use vpn and proxy in windows

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What is VPN ?

VPN is short form of (Virtual Private Network). For make it simple to you we can imagine that VPN is a service which provide us different kind of network connection. You can browse any country region network from your home.Its your virtual network.

Why we use VPN ? 

Generally people use VPN to surf websites which blocked on their own country or area. So they connect themselves with a virtual network (VPN) and then surf that blocked websites. Some of people also use VPN to hide their identity. Whatever its not a good idea to use VPN  for be Anonymous. Because that VPN service provider can easily leak his/her information.

 What is Proxy ?

Proxy is little bit similar to VPN. Proxy actually create a gateway between user and the internet. Suppose right now you are using a proxy network so your proxy network will create a gateway between you and the internet. So what ever you will do , All of your packages will first send to your proxy server then that proxy server will send that packages to the internet. 

Why we use Proxy ?

Proxy is used to change the network of an specific target. Suppose you just want to change your browser network but you don't want to change your device ip address and so on. To do this you will simply use a proxy server in your browser. So that proxy server will only work for your browser not your entire device. 

VPN & Proxy Services

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How to use vpn and proxy in windows

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