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What is Kali Linux ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What is Kali Linux ?`

Kali Linux is an operating system. It mainly used for perform different kind of hacking staff. It mainly known as a Hacker os. You will find many pre installed tool in Kali Linux. Thats why its a good choice for hackers. Kali Linux is also known for its less error. If you compare it with other hacking os then you will see other os often show unusual error. Kali linux also show error but not much like other. I would like to compare kali linux with parrot sec for error compatibility . In parrot sec you will see Ruby framework don't work there. But in kali linux Ruby framework work there properly. 

What the main use of  Kali Linux ?

As i mention in upper section that what the usages of kali linux. But there it not specified that what the main use of this os. So to make it more clear to you i would like to throw some example. In kali linux you will find many pre installed tool about every security sector. But if you compare it with other os there that os have some specific sector special tools. As example Parrot sec mainly used for IOT sector means Internet Of Things. So if i follow this same path you understand Kali linux mainly used for offensive security 

Details About Kali Linux 

Package manager: dpkg 

Initial release: 13 March 2013 (5 years ago)

Developer: Offensive Security 

Default user interface: GNOME Shell 

Update method: APT 

OS family: Unix-like

Installation Process 

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