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What is Web Defacement ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

web deface

What is Web Defacement ?

Web Defacement mean to deface a website. Now it may sound tricky to you so let it be simple and easy to understand. First of all think that i have a website now you will Hack my website and deface it with your hacked script. So from next time when people search about my site they will no longer see my website content they will just see your Hacked script. So normally it called web defacement.

Why Hacker Deface Websites ?

Hacker generally deface website to show their skill or to make popular their team.  Sometime it may be done to take revenge. Generally Black Hat Hackers do web defacement. When someone hack a website without any permission it go under Black Hat Hacking. Grey Hat Hackers also deface websites but just for fun they don't have any aim behind this.

How Hacker Deface Websites ?

There are many method available to deface a website.

As example :

  • SQL Injection
  • RCE
  • CROSS Site Scripting 
  • Shell Upload
  • etc etc etc

In next blogs we will hardly discuses with those security topics 

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