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We are Dark Error. The most trusted group in cyber. Our aim is make education Free for all. We are running a YouTube channel. There we share about Cyber Security knowledge for Free. We are also students. We are not pro Cyber Security Researcher. We are also learning. We share what we learn.
We have done many projects in cyber security. You can find us on GitHub.

We mainly focused on Web Pen testing. In YouTube you may not see much real videos or information about web pen testing. We also suffer much with this problem. Whole YouTube is full of fake videos. Then we decided that we will gain the real knowledge any how then we will share this knowledge to people for Free.

In this team (Dark Error) mainly we have two members.
1. Mehedi Hasan Remon
2. Md Saikat

We are working here since AUG-19-2017. Its really a tough journey because we started from zero there was no guideline available for us. By the Marcy of Almighty Allah we made it. So a questing may knock you that what kind of hacker we are. White Hat , Grey Hat or Black Hat ?

We are mainly Black Hat Hackers. Don't be afraid let me explain you. The people who hack with permission they are White Hat hacker and the people who hack without permission they are Black Hat hackers. We hack without any permission. So by following the cyber rule we are Black Hat hackers. But we don't hack to perform any illegal activity. We mainly hack against the corrupted people. The people or groups who corrupt the society.

If you are still reading this then i have to say you are those one who deserve something good.
Hope your hack journey will be great.

Pray 5 times a day
Seek help in pray & patient
Never give up
Be secure Be safe
Allah Hafiz

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